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I am making <Going to the zoo is serious business>using the photography and installation to express the relationship between humans and the things around them as a theme. In this project, I also using monkeys as a cut-out in the Corona.

Twelve monkeys had gone missing from the zoo, not just one or two, but twelve. Were the monkeys been stolen? Sold? There were no damages to the cages, and the security cameras showed no suspicious characters.

The manager noticed a large hole in the back of the monkey mountain. Could that be where they escaped from? The strange sign was just the monkeys are certainly act different from usual before they disappeared. However, the zoo is full of water, food, and sunshine, where could be more comfortable than be stay in zoo?

How come the monkeys go missing?
During COVID, people are defending their positions, the desire for going to zoos has decreased these days, and many zoos temporarily closed. Although this zoo keep opens, but there may not have even one visitor a day. Due to the abnormal sight of human behaviors, the monkeys escaped because they wanted to see real humans, but there are no signs of human trace anywhere in the social space. To human, visiting animals regularly these days seemed like required responsibility. To animals, humans had also imperceptibly become objective subjects for them to consume as an emotional stimulus.

The series is a series of filmed novels that had been reworked based on actual events.

Going to the zoo is serious business

動物園で12匹の猿が行方不明になっていた。1匹でも2匹でもなく、12匹だった。 サルが盗まれてたの?売られたの?檻に壊れた跡もない、防犯カメラを確認しても、不審な人物 はいない。

管理者は、アーバーの裏側に大きな穴が開いていることを気づいた。 もしかして逃げられたのかな?確かにいなくなる前に、猿たちはいつもと違った。少し退屈だっ たし、歩き回ったりしてた。 それはおかしいなあ。動物園は水と⻝べ物がたくさんあるし、日当たりもいいし、 動物園より快 適な場所はないはずなのに。


新型コロナウイルスは動物を介してヒトに感染したものと考えられている。新型コロナウイルス 感染対策で、世界はたくさんの動物園が閉鎖されている。動物園では訪問者がいない日が続けて いる。


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