​The Taste Of Emotion




 私は動物を見ると、その動物に似た雰囲気や匂いを思い浮かべることができた。 動物を見ると言うより、自分の主観的想像の中にある「憶断」を見ることになる。動物を見ると、様々な空気を感じ取って、記憶の中で同じような雰囲気を察し、匂いに置き換える。生々しい肉体から物へ置き換えると、動物を擬人化された対象ではなく、物として扱うことができた。





The taste of emotion

 The first time I stepped into the zoo, I was surrounded by the smell of animals. I realized that animals are actually a kind of scent from fur, just like people spray perfume and choose their smell, animals also use smell to distinguish between species. Delineate the territory. Taste associates sensory imagery and memory. Rather than looking at an animal, we are looking at "the self-imagined assumptions that are triggered in the brain when we see an animal". When looking at an animal, an atmosphere similar to that of the animal comes to mind and is stored in human language.


 I don't want to go into the relationship between animals and humans, which coexist and exist independently of each other. Traces of humans can be easily erased in the animal world, and animals are reduced to catalysts for generating emotions. When in need of emotion, enter this number and the photo will pop up to satisfy our emotional needs, the animal itself may no longer be needed. The world is more like a giant library of information than a daily objective living space.

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